We at Project Polish have one quintessential value that we hold dear : Polish.

With that as our guiding light, we strive to make experiences that are holistically complete. In our games, if the art is not beautiful, if the story is not compelling, if the controls are not intuitive to use, and so on – then our game is not complete and our jobs are not done. We want our games to match up in quality to the greatest indie titles and perhaps even industry triple A games as well.

While this is a high-bar for our small team, we are all talented, dedicated, and all-around “polished” people. For us on Project Polish Productions, polish is the goal and the deliverable.

But we’re also game developers with personalities! While the “polish process” is serious and involving, we at Project Polish find the time to enjoy life! Whether that’s by kneeling around a coffee table eating Chinese take out together, hanging around tossing jokes and debating superfluous topics such as what does it mean for something to be “too easy”, or by watching over payloads in a round (which we will probably lose) of the latest “heroic”¬†first person shooter.

This is because we are not¬†just a “polish” team, we are a “polish” family.